How it Works

Why It Doesn’t Cost You Anything

Many Florida real estate licensees don’t realize that they do NOT have to be a member of the Board of REALTORS® in order to practice real estate, and consequently don’t have to pay the hefty REALTOR® dues. You simply need a current Florida real estate sales associate license. If your license status is “current, inactive” then you are literally one click away from being able to earn commissions. The reason for the misconception about having to be a REALTOR® is because most real estate brokers are members of the Board of REALTORS® and if the brokerage is a member then all the agents in that brokerage must also be members.  Real Estate Referral Services LLC is a licensed brokerage that is NOT a member of the Board of REALTORS® so agents that have their license active with us pay NO fees (other than what is required by the state every two years to renew their license).

If you have an inactive Florida real estate license, then you’ve already applied with the DBPR, been fingerprinted, completed the class, passed the exam and paid all the fees associated with those things. Maybe you practiced real estate for awhile and decided to retire or pursue another career, or maybe you just got your real estate license so you could earn commission on a home you were buying or selling. Regardless of why your license is inactive, there is no reason why it should be when you can activate it at no cost and earn lucrative referral commissions!

How You Earn Money

When you refer your family or friends to a REALTOR® you can negotiate the referral commission percentage. Often the referral fee is around 25%. So in that case, your broker, Real Estate Referral Services (RRS), will receive 25% of the commission due to the REALTOR® you have referred to. Once RRS has received the commission, you will be written a check. RRS keeps only the lesser of 20% or $395 and you will receive the rest.

BONUS: If you refer your friends or family to our sister company, Florida Coast Realty Partners LLC (located on the Space Coast of Florida), you will receive 100% of the commission received by RRP! Yes, that’s right – 100%! 

Who said earning money had to be difficult?

Sample Calculations

Here are some examples of how much money you can earn by just referring people you know:

Example 1: You have a friend who is moving to Arizona. You refer them to a REALTOR® in the city where they are moving to and negotiate a 25% referral fee with that REALTOR®. Your friend purchases a house for $200,000 that is listed with a 3% commission to the buyer’s agent. You will receive $1,200. Here’s the calculation:

$200,000 X 3% = $6,000 total buyer side commission
$6,000 X 25% = $1,500 total referral commission received by RRS
RRS keeps the lesser of
$1,500 X 20% = $300 or $395
$1,500 – $300 = $1,200 to you for finding your friend a great REALTOR®

Example 2: You have a friend who is selling their home in Miami. You refer them to a Miami REALTOR® and negotiate a 30% referral fee. Their home sells for $550,000 and has a 2.5% commission to the listing agent. You will receive $3,730. Here’s the calculation

$550,000 X 2.5% = $13,750 total seller side commission
$13,750 X 30% = $4,125 total referral commission received by RRS
RRS keeps the lesser of 
$4,125 X 20% = $825 or $395
$4,125 – $395 = $3,730 to you for finding your friend a great REALTOR®

Getting Signed Up

Step 1: Contact us with your interest and any questions.

Step 2: We send you an agreement to sign that outlines the deal. (This contract can be cancelled at any time.)

Step 3: You return signed contract.

Step 4: We activate your real estate license (this takes no effort on your part).

Step 5: You start referring customers and make money when their transactions close!  (We will send out your commission check within 3 business days of closing.)


Step 1: Contact Us